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To read about why turbominis exists, please view this thread in our forum. The first post goes like this:

Well here it is just incase anybody ever wondered

I had a metty turbo engine that i bought in about 2000 (£80 for a full car!) and had sat in the garage ready to put in my pickup project. Well the pickup was a bit rusty to say the least, i got annoyed so sold that and decided to sell the turbo engine complete. Also bought a yellow mini with full race 1293 so decided against the turbo route. (later sold to cordantium then jimfai on this site)

Advertised on Miniclassics and within about 10mins it was sold to some called Alex

Alex then sent me a small deposit with a veiw to sort collection of his newly aquired motor and pay the balance.

Unfortunately he decided that funds werent at the level he thought so didnt bother completeing the transaction. It was fine by me as he was honest enough about it.

So at that point i bit the bullet and installed said motor into the yellow mini after the thrust bearings gave out on the race motor.

Took me a lot of time and research to find out what i needed in a variety of places and just guessed the rest!

After keeping in touch with alex (and knowing he was a web designer, i decided to ask him for some info on building a site to show how to install the engine in a mini to help a lot of people out.

Basically one thing turned into another and via a lot of effort from alex and myself (more alex!) the site came into being

Owned a couple of turbos myself since (mostly nails to be fair) but after making the most of this site (its SEARCH function especially ive decided to build the motor ive always wanted.

Keeps getting delayed as i find the exact car i want to do it to but has now more than ever gathered momentum due to the experiences of others cars last year (cheers for the rides, beers, sleeping bags! etc guys, you know who you are *smiley* )

Hope you are all enjoying the site and that we can only make things better


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