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During the summer its my daily driver

1275 Turbo block and pistons N\A MG cam, 9psi, Centre main strap, X-pin diff, Centre oil pickup.

During the winter its tucked up in the lockup

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18th Apr, 2012 | 0 Comments | Perma-Link

 has been a while snce i have added anything here but shes back on the road again (earlyest EVER!) it hit the road beginning of april and unfortuanatly the griitters attacked while i was out playing, having so much fun i kept on playing, 2 whole winters i have kept it away from the salt :(

anyway, this year has given a benross rebuilt engine with N/A MG cam, center main strap and everything else as fresh as a daisy.

also the interior is all fresh, painted the fiberglass dash and moved the stereo with new switches and a new carpet.

last year got me a x-pin diff and center iol pickup (THE BEST £25 EVER SPENT)

rear subframe got ovehauled too with all new brakes with alloy mini fins, all new built up back plates, new brake lines, new handbrake cable and quadrants etc, basicly, its all good back there now!

rear arches got tubbed at the same time.

i did buy one of nics amazing penums, and all megajolt bits bar crank pulley and sensor backet, and a hand full of intercoolers.. then ran out of money so they didnt get fitted :( this year i dont have a full time job so all work has been to keep it on the road with the carpet and new switches being the only real exception but it just needed doing.

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