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5th Jun, 2012 | 0 Comments | Perma-Link

well ive had the mini for about a month now and can say hand on heart the best car ive ever had. super quick and always a talking point, but it has a few issues. it understeers and the torque steer is huge so i took some time today to have a quick look see. i have found that the steering rack is bent on the drivers side and the bottom gearbox stay is loose, also the engine mounts on both sides were loose on all bolts. i also found that none of the cv boots had any cable ties to secure them and all the grease had come out. ive found some rot in the o/s/f floor pan and o/s/f outer sill around the jacking point, theses are the rap over type and will be properly replaced in the winter so for now will have plates to get an mot this time round. all in all a bit of a mess so looks like its off the road for now. but this is what you get with an impulse buy i suppose.

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By cash74 on 29th May, 2012


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