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Betwix Harrogate and York

On 18/07/2006 23:53:48 mini1071s said:

That's impressive Will, my benchmark then! Was that on road tyres? Either way pretty amazing!

No that was on the stickiest slicks money can buy, and don't forget we run a 4.1 diff, 6300rpm over the line in 4th

Edited by wil_h on 19th Jul, 2006.

Fastest 998 mini in the world? 13.05 1/4 mile 106mph

On 2nd Jan, 2013 fastcarl said:

the design shows a distinct lack of imagination,
talk about starting off with a clean sheet of paper, then not bothering to fucking draw on it,lol

On 20th Apr, 2012 Paul S said:
I'm mainly concerned about swirl in the runners caused by the tangential entry.

Turbo Shed

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Epsom, Surrey

WOW i was 4th

i vote next year there should be a prize for 4th place!!


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who was D8? that was one hell of a reaction!!!!!!

and what happened to D28?


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The Stig..

Newport Pagnell

D28 popped an intercooler pipe on it's one and only run.

JF..... *frown*

Edited by giallofly on 19th Jul, 2006.

On 21st Jan, 2011 fastcarl said:

therefore acheiving two things , a sore knob and a beer bellyl

Tom Fenton
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Fearless Tom Fenton, Avon Park 2007 & 2008 class D winner


TM legend.

Rotherham South Yorkshire

The frog (D21) was 13th, and check out my reaction time (or not, as the case may be!)

I go when I am ready, sod the lights!

On 29th Nov, 2016 madmk1 said:

On 28th Nov, 2016 Rob Gavin said:
I refuse to pay for anything else

Like fuel 😂😂

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mine must've been that bad it didnt even make it onto the list, i was D9. should be inbetween D22 and D23

On 20th Oct, 2015 Tom Fenton said:

Well here is the news, you are not welcome here, FUCK OFF.

1976 clubamn

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1293 T2, sccr box

If it breaks... build a much faster one

Star Mag

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Makes very interesting reading, gives a good guide to engine spec and expected times, pleased as well as it shows my own engine is along the right time compared to its spec!


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wheres that table tom ??? *smiley*

Medusa + injection = too much torque for the dyno ..

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