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0.8mm is a bit on the thin side, especially if you're planning on running coil overs? Im sure most of the original panels are 1.2mm.

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Thanks matt, i didn't really think about the thickness at the time, guess i'll be cutting it out, good job its only tacked in.


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Thought I'd stick some pics up of the last tubbing job I did on my estate.

I use a metal stretcher to create a new lip on the quarter and then plug weld it in from the backside.

With the tub I like to run a joggle over the top and pug weld it to the old tub from the inside and to the quarter from the outside.

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On 22nd Feb, 2009 Brett said:

On 5th Feb, 2009 hario said:
Mine warped because I started sunday evening and had to drive to work the next day, stop. Filler time!

Also I used a section from a 50gal. steel drum because its the same gauge as the shell 1.3mm IIRC.

It is already curved and you just roll it up, hold in place then let go and it springs to fill the hole and stays in place, you can then just trim and weld.


what an idea... *happy*



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Sorry for the thread revival, didn't think it was worth starting a new topic for one question regarding the same subject...
Has anyone ran tubbed arches with no wheel arch extensions? If so does it look ok or is there any pictures floating around?

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This is the perfect thread! Im glad it was dug up haha

Home > How To > Tubbing / Cutting Rear Wheel Arches
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