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On 7th of Dec, 2006 at 10:14pm johnK said:
K100RS 16v from 1990
K1 16v (RS spec cams)- the garish coloured sporty one!
K1200 - avoid the LT from this engine size it has 235 deg cams not good!

all of these 16v heads have identical part numbers for the heads ,RS has 284 deg cams, LTs have 254 deg cams and less lift than the RS cams

K100 = 8v from mid 1985-1990 are the ones to use - exactly the same architecture as the 16v and they have 284 deg "16v RS" spec cams throughout the range.

Injectors are the same throughout the range as well - all 16v's have 34mm throttle bodies, 8v has 33mm throttle bodies

that about covers it!

On 29th Nov, 2016 madmk1 said:

On 28th Nov, 2016 Rob Gavin said:
I refuse to pay for anything else

Like fuel 😂😂

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i'd already moved it mate *wink*

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may i add this for any one whos about to ask a question on it

click it and type bmw

Home > FAQ / Knowledge > BMW K1 K100 K1100 Motorbike Cylinder Heads
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