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1st off ecust the crappy pics, i have photos & nothing on pc of my previous minis, so.........
my 1st car & 1st mini was my applejack green mini clubman 1100, tdf868r which i still own, its currently a bare shell & a box of bits & powdercoated subframes in the attic :( i cant sell this car, it'll be a turbo 1330 some day
pic of when i bought it & how i drove it for a year or so

2nd stage was i fotted a stage 1 kit & done some bodywork & fitted 6x10 revo's (not in this pic as i cant fint it at the mo) i drove it like this for another year
i fitted these 13" alloys which i really liked alot! when these were fitted the 1100 motor was tuned to put out 59hp @ the wheels & had close ratio box

i then started to get into bodywork repairs & it needed a tidy up so using the original panels it became a steel flipfront on dzus fastners, it gained wood&picket arches that curved around the rear valance, it got 7.5" s-disks & a big stereo

it stayed like this another year unused & unloved & i then decided if its going to be done it'll be done right so stripped it to a bare shell, had it blased & undercoated & thats how its stayed in my garage :(
at the same time as the clubman i had a primula yellow mini sprite which i bought as a rotbox & welded the body & repainted it a603epe, that was a fast lil 998, seemed stadard but used to leave ford orian 1.6's for dust! i have a pic of this car somewhere
then i got a brand-new mini cooper

filled this with waxoyl in all the box sections, really soaked it, had it about a year & sold it (what a twonk) thankfully a chick in my local miniclub still owns & drives it, she's a mini fanatic & think she treats it well!
& to finish, my current car which i love

most of you know my plans with this, i plan to finish it with the engine i want, a turbo motor!!! i have had other cars inbetween but i keep going back to mini ;P good times n bad they make you smirk!


the Search-section on this forum is blummin superb & simple to use, unlike some other forums, without the search-section & the help of this bunch of chaps on here i'll never be able to !!!Start the day with a 998cc turbo!!! :) i'm getting closer though!

Tom Fenton says: I have it all, make me an offer

Home > Members History > my mini history! not to exciting though :)
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