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heres my list ive included missus cars as ive always bought them and used them (updated 20/12/2009)

mk1 metro (never got it on the road)
mk1 fiesta
toyota corolla
toyota avensis
toyota starlet (missus first car)
toyota hiace van
toyota paseo (missus)
toyota avensis
toyota rav4
toyota corolla estate
toyota corolla (missus wrote off)
BINI cooper (yellow a bit gay tbh)
escort van
BINI cooper s
toyota corolla (missus present car)
toyota mr2

list of minis. never had one as a daily drive so there all amoungst the other cars.

mk1 850
93 sprite
red mk3
clubby estate
94 mayfair
mini city
mini cooper g reg (kept for a day)
mk3 850
clubby (current)

sad list i know and im sure theres more minis, lol

Edited by Carl on 20th Dec, 2009.

no longer a series, but still 1.3 turbo.

On 28th Nov, 2008 Sprocket said:
Oh now that is a long shaft you have Carl.


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Pointless Post Whore

Liverpool, North west

Bloody toyotas are getting everywhere. *tongue*

1993 Sprite
1988 Mayfair
1980 Special
Mini convertable (HAD to bin)

1990 Alfa 33
Talbot Samba (dont think any less of me)
1996 Cinquecento "Sporting"

Edited by Jordan on 15th Feb, 2008.

Back once again like a renegade master


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First mini turbo to get in the 12's & site perv


In Order

Mini mayfair
Peugeot 205 1.1
Mini Van
Mini I have now
1275 GT
Morris minor
205 GTI
Nissan Navara
Mini moke
Clio 182

On 20th Jan, 2010 kal14 said:

grow up you fool .

Lance Link

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Sunny Southern California, USA

84 Dodge Daytona Turbo
93 Honda Civic Hatch
98 Honda (Acura) Integra GSR
00 Honda (Acura) Integra Type R
03 Mitsu Lancer Evo 8
05 Honda Element
61 Austin Mini Se7en

61 Austin Seven; building a 1275 'over the clutch' turbo, R5 T2'd, custom intercooled, megajolt electrified, canyon carver - The Online Magazine for Car Guys Like Us


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a LIL fishing village on the coast - Newcastle Upon Tyne

85 Vw polo (formal E)
88 Ford escort
89 Rover Metro Gti
69 Austin Cooper "S" (Mk2) 8)
91 Mini 1000*smiley*
93 Rover metro
88 Austin Mini*smiley*
86 Austin Mini*smiley*
91 Fiesta XR2i
91 Mini 1000*smiley*
96 Volvo 850 T5
64 Austin Mini Turbo8)8)
66 Morris mini*smiley*

Edited by Richie on 7th Oct, 2007.

1 me 4 details

MikeRace, Mini13

On 17th Aug, 2009 Jay#2 said:
I doubt I'll be dipping into the 13's like you did though!

Turbo Shed

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Epsom, Surrey

78 brown mini auto
67 mk2 850 mini
77 1275 gt
59 mk1 mini
81 1275 gt
82 1275 gt
72 1275 gt
76 mini van
70 mini van

mk2 escort 1.3 manual
mk2 escort 1.3 auto
mk1 MG metro
84 vauxhal carlton 1.8
Ereg MK2 cav sri 130
84 datsun cherry
90 golf gti mk2
94 golf gti mk3
80 golf gti convertable mk1
2000 pug 306 rallye
2001 VW lupo gti


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Westhoughton, Bolton

88 Jet Black
87 City E (Current mini)
92 Polo GT (Daily Drive)

Manchester Minis


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Milford Haven Pembrokeshire

1976 clubman estate
A few 1000cc mini's
Genuine 1970 cooper s (never got it on the road)
Lotus Sunbeam one of the last DAC one's
Ford 2.8 capri
Ford fiesta
Ford transit (still owned)
mini 30
vauxhall nova
vauxhall caviler
Peugeot 106
Toyota Corrolla (still owned)
Renault Senic (still owned)
03 BMW 330i sport (still owned)
1991 studio 2 supercharged 1330 with nos (still owned)


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#1 Basshunter Fan

Force Racing ICT Dept Manager Miglia Turbo Am frum Yokshyer tha noes!

60 Mini Turbo (Currently Owned)
70 Mk3 Cooper S (Currently Owned)
02 VW Lupo S
95 Pug 306
70 Mk3 Mini
96 Mini City 1000

1/4 Mile 14.3secs 96Mph Terminal 10psi of boost.

Fibreglass Parts? -
Split Rims? -

Paul S

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Formerly Axel


66 Austin 1100 (my a-series roots)
Ford Anglia van
Mk1 Cortina
Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 (starting to go astray)
68 Mini 850 (marriage brings me back)
75 Mini Clubman
83 Vauxhall Astra
88 Ford Sierra
Gardner Douglas GD427 Cobra (going astray again)
93 Vauxhall Cavalier Diplomat
75 Daimler Double Six Coupe (still have - waiting resto)
83 Daimler VDP 4.2 (lovely)
95 Vauxhall Omega 3.0 (disaster £30k in 3 years)
01 Ford Focus (my one reliable motor at moment)
93 Mini Sprite (soon to be turboed)

Saul Bellow - "A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep."
Stephen Hawking - "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge."

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89 vauxhall astra 1.2 merit
91 mainstream cooper (got clubbyed and matt blacked and turbo'd)
MG metro (for 3 days while i yoinked the engine)
91 rover 214Si
73 clubby (current weapon)

I think i hang onto me cars for too long, been driving since i was 17 and only on me 3rd proper car. the rover was a freebie off me grandad which i drove for a couple of months till i gave it to antons ex when he broke her daewoo.

On 20th Oct, 2015 Tom Fenton said:

Well here is the news, you are not welcome here, FUCK OFF.


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South Yorkshire

1979 clubman estate (first car, still got it)
1979 mini pickup (sold for £500 - stupid, stupid..)
1968 Mk 2 saloon (shell rotted but I still have all the bits)
1964 Mk 1 saloon (currently owned)
1979 mini van (owned for just 1 week)
1990 racing green (now the TT2)

non mini
1997 Impreza sport (sold before the piston slap got too bad)
1990 Toyota carina II (nasty car, but it was free. Called it das boot)
2003 Mini One (good car, whatever people might think)
1990 Audi 80 quattro (fun but a money pit, knackered when I got it)
1988 Mk 2 Golf GTi (I miss this car)
2003 Impreza sport (currently owned, suprisingly good family car but I'd like a turbo forrester)

Joe C

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Carlos Fandango

Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex

1275 modded metro van £100
1100 metro car £150
another modded metro van £80
another metro van, £300*surprised*
1380 Mk1 mini (now the 7 porter) £900
skoda rapid £10
another metrovan £50
skoda again
16v astra GTE £250
metro car free?
1380 mayfair £500

overall a fairly cheap 12 years motoring

On 28th Aug, 2011 Kean said:
At the risk of being sigged...

Joe, do you have a photo of your tool?

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455bhp per ton
12 sec 1/4 mile road legal mini

Sunny Bridgend, South Wales

1980 850 mini (still got it today, althogh now 16v turbo)

1988 Ford Orion 16i Ghia
1990 Fiat Chroma ibach turbo
1993 BMW 320 Coupe
1995 BMW M3 Coupe (I miss this car!!)
1990 VW Scirocco

1998 Mondeo Estate
1972 Mini Pickup (Still in back of garage)

2002 Ford Focus Diesel Estate Ghia (Still got this)

2003 Ford StreetKa (I don't drive it, I bought it for the mrs)

Edited by Jimster on 4th Oct, 2007.

Team Racing

On 15th May, 2009 TurboDave said:

I think the welsh one has it right!

1st to provide running proof
of turbo twinkie in a car and first to
run a 1/4 in one!!

Is your data backed up?? one extra month free for all Turbo minis members, PM me for detials


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Turbo Love Palace Fool


My list is lame *laughing*

90 Renault 5 GT Turbo
88 Renault 5 GT Turbo
87 Mini mayfair (still own)
02 Citroen saxo VTR
04 Bmw 3 series est (company car)
04 Citroen C5 _ nickname The wank tank (company car)
07 Skoda Fabia est (current company car)

1/4mile in 13.2sec @ 111 terminal on 15psi


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not as lame as my list matty....

83 renault 5
94 punto diesel
80 mini 998 (engine was shagged)
93 Renault 5
91 mini studio 2 (big ICE no go)
84 mini 25 (current turbo project)

On 23rd Oct, 2009 sim_ou_nao said:

eu gosto de mamas = i like boobs

Ben H

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Melton Mowbray, Pie Country

83 Mk2 Fiesta 1.1
87 Mini City (written off)
90 Mini Studio 2 (still got)
74 Citroen 2CV
74 VW Camper
Austin Allegro (with MG metro engine and velor trim, Mmmmm)
83 Saab 900 Turbo
Fiat X19
95 Nissan 200sx
2001 Fiat Bravo JTD
98 Elise
2001 Citroen Xsara HDI
2002 Saab 95 Aero (250bhp)

Plus the race mini and a few other minis that have been stripped.

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I have had some terrible Cars lol and some good ones.

94 Rover 214
92 VW Polo Coupe
94 Rover 416
98 Vauxhall Astra 2.0 di (was possibly the worst car i have ever had)
76 Vauxhall Cavalier Coupe 1.9 (opel manta with a vauxhall badge)
85 Mini City e (still have this)
96 hyundai lantra 1.8 (still have this)
1975 Mini 1000 (still have this)


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The oversills police

Oslo, Norway

68 morris 1100 (sold)
76 clubman estate 998 (sold)
86 Golf 2 diesel (sold)
87 Golf 2 1.6 petrol (sold)
76 mini 998 (sold)
63 morris mini minor 850 deluxe (current car)

Gavin Wakely

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Milton Keynes

Mk1 Escort 1300E (My 1st Love)
Mini van x 2
Mk1 mini x 2
Mini Mk 3 x 3
Mini Mk 4/5 x 2
1275 GT early 10" wheels
1275 GT
Clubman estate
Mini Mayfair x 3
Mini Pickup x 3
HB viva
Morris 1800 x 2 (Land Crab)
Morris Ital
VW Polo x 2
Citroen 1.9 TDI
Scooby Jap WRX
Cox GTM x 4 (Mini based kit car)

If it a'nt broke don't fix it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Betwix Harrogate and York

83 Mk2 Fiesta Coral Beige (shared with Ben)
78 1275 GT
74 VW Camper (shared with Ben)
86 Mini City E (became the TT, after winning class a at Avon)
89 205 GTI 1.9
?? Fiat X19 (bought off Ben)
93 Subaru Legacy Turbo (Best car I ever owned)
89 Mini Mayfair (now 998 turbo daily hack)
00 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GX (Lux) Est (still got)

And of course the TT2, which is part TT, so It's not listed.

Fastest 998 mini in the world? 13.05 1/4 mile 106mph

On 2nd Jan, 2013 fastcarl said:

the design shows a distinct lack of imagination,
talk about starting off with a clean sheet of paper, then not bothering to fucking draw on it,lol

On 20th Apr, 2012 Paul S said:
I'm mainly concerned about swirl in the runners caused by the tangential entry.


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I like nice quiet girly Minis

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Crikey this could take some time...

In order I think ...

1965 Morris 1275 S (father's, left to me in will)
850 mini (basically a road going 7 racer)
Alegro Estate in champaigne Beige (free 1275 engine in free car)
7x998 Minis, mostly Russet Brown
Golf Gti Mk1
Scirocco Mk2 GTX
Porscshe 944
Pug 205 GTI 1.9 (worst car ever owned, lasted 3 wks before sale)
Porsche 911 RS ltw (genuine, still got)
Scirocco Mk2 GTX
Porsche 944S
Mini van (scrapped by rear end hit)
85 Mini (built into first Turbo)
Scirocco Mk2 GTX
Golf GTi Mk2 16v
Dutton B+ (radically modified before SVA dat cut in .... last no SVA'd car to go through Worcester office!! Still got but bent at Combe 5 years ago)
Mini shell (built into 2nd turbo, still have)
Porsche 944 2.7lux
Dutton Rico Shuttle (needed a van / estate in a hurry ... stop laughing it was cheap and sold at a profit)
Golf G60 limited (only 70 made, stollen in braod daylight!!!)
Porsche 944 Turbo S1
Porsche 944 Turbo S2
Dutton Pheaton S1 (nearly as modified as the B+)
Mini Racing Green (now my 1380)
Scirocco Mk2 GTX (still got, started doing a 4wd 20Vt conversion but never finished, still got)
Golf Mk1 Gti campaign (sold for 6x purchase price after 6 months)
TVR Chim' (BRG, 4.2 no power steered)
Porsche 944 S2 (mint, tuned to prove possible then returned to standard ..... FOR SALE!!!!!)
'98 Passat TDi Estate (still got)
Dutton Pheaton S2 (bought for track days, ragged for a year, sold for profit)
'65 Mini Pickup

Must have broken well over 60 minis and 20 Sciroccos over the years. Murdered quite a few Mk3 Golfs for the ABF 16v engine too.

Least fav is defo the 205 Gti, most loved my 'S' but kept 60 miles from home so don't get to play with her much follwoed by the second turbo Mini.

Every day is a school day ...........

How fast and how expensive ...... the same question...

On 27th of Sep, 2007 at 12:45pm Jimster said:

why do you you think I got a girlfriend with small hands?


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as i'm a young'un i've only had 4 cars

1995 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 (i know, had to start somewhere)
2002 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec (lovely car, regret selling this)
2003 Ford Focus ST170 (big mistake, cost the earth to run and loads of problems)
1990 Rover Mini Racing Flame Checkmate

On 4th of Oct, 2007 at 08:41am Axel said:

75 Daimler Double Six Coupe (still have - waiting resto)

have we had that 10 years yet?

Edited by sturgeo on 4th Oct, 2007.


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um ..
sunbeam alpine 1967 convertible( mirror black, holbay h120 engine on webbers)
tvr 2500m( bought 83 fitted v8 turbo 87)*
1275 gt ( night clubbing filler while biulding tvr.
astra m1 van 325,000 miles
astra mk2 van 250,000miles
mini bought '97 turboed '98,*
astra mk3 van 216,000 miles and counting *
bsa bantam
yamaha fs1e
rd200 yamaha
hond 400/4 bought '77 turboed '80*
honda cx500 courier bike 96,000miles
yam xj650 courier bike 68,000miles big crash.
project 17 turbo 500 honda in mito 125 frame.*

i still have the ones marked with an asterisk

Edited by robert on 4th Oct, 2007.

5 port mini 620 kg ,old falkens ,open diff.13.1s @109.1mph .


Paul S

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Formerly Axel


On 4th of Oct, 2007 at 01:16pm sturgeo said:

On 4th of Oct, 2007 at 08:41am Axel said:

75 Daimler Double Six Coupe (still have - waiting resto)

have we had that 10 years yet?

About 12 I think.

Saul Bellow - "A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep."
Stephen Hawking - "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge."

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