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The Boom Boom speaker Police!


7 years and I've still not added a direction of rotation arrow. Blimey.

At least this wasn't hosted on PhotoBastard.

In the 13's at last!.. Just


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Post Whore


I still use mine! It's great

I run a supercharger and I don't care the TB is on the wrong side.
VEMS + 12 PSI + Liquid Intercooler = Small Bore FUN!


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hahaha cool. i used one of the internet printed out and glued to a old cd. but broke it few weeks ago! thnx for this one!

you can do anything if you set your mind to it...
i rather blow it up winning than keep it together losing.

finish date set for project 1... march 2018

Home > FAQ / Knowledge > Cam timing disc / Protractor
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