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Hello and welcome to

This is a short guide to help you make the most of the site and allow you to find quickly the information you require.

The first step is to spend some time reading up previous postings. There is a huge wealth of information out there to either remind yourself, or learn about something new. Although it can appear daunting at first with the sheer volume of posts, try the smaller categories such as "How To" or "Technical Chat" as a starter.

If you have a specific question or query, before posting up a new topic, use the 'search' function to see if the topic has been discussed before. In a lot of cases it will have been. Try to search for a general theme rather than anything too specific to give you a good chance of finding what you want.

If both of the above fail, then try posting a topic up asking for help. As a guide to help you get a good response-
a) Try and give as much information as possible, for example engine specification, donor car age and model, details of the problem or query. Also try to ask a specific question. Questions such as "How do I fit a Metro Turbo engine in my Mini" will not generally generate much response.
b) If you do not get a response, be patient. Often people are busy, and may come back and type a response in when they have more time.
c) Be polite, some of the people who will use the forum have a wealth of information on the subject of turboing minis and could accurately be described as "experts" (I do not count myself in this category). Ask abruptly and they may decide they cannot be bothered to help you out this time. Ask politely and they will give you a wealth of information possibly extending to things you had never even thought of.

As a final point, although it might sound picky, the use of "txt spk" generally only serves to piss most people on this board off! So do yourself a favour and type in "longhand", it doesn't take much longer, but is easier to read and will generally get a better response!

Good luck and happy turbo'ing!

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Home > Beginners Tech > Guide to finding information and site etiquette
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