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Hi everyone,
I am considering to build a rally dashboard (a metal dashboard) and looking for a good place to start,
I haven't seen anything for sale in the UK (only seen on minimania and it costs 300$) and it doesn't seem to hard to build.

Have anyone built that kind of dashboard and could show how? some schematics would be great if there are any.


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Have a look at Madmk1's build thread

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Might work out cheaper to make one but:


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Bought the kit *happy*
Probably cheaper than the time it would have taken me to build one like it.
Thanks for all the help :)

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Hi mate, have you or are you putting in a front cage? if so this dash may / will not fit. Its just i got a kit like that with i was building the car and it did not fit.

so i made my own for about 5.00 as for some schematics they are made from eye.

hope this is of some help to you.

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