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heres the info for the website. I have never had an issue with a twin box maniflow system. Font know about he 2" fletcher now tho.

All vehicles must comply to the strict noise limit of 100db(A), which is measured at metre from the exhaust outlet at 4500rpm. All vehicles will be sound checked prior to taking to the circuit, please ensure that your car is in suitable condition for circuit driving and to MOT standard. Cars fitted with slick tyres are only permitted subject to strict monitoring of driving standards. In the event of a car failing the sound check, then the driver will be entitled to a 75% refund. If you are unsure if your car will get through the noise test, then you could always come over to get it noise tested prior to booking a place.

I run a supercharger and I don't care the TB is on the wrong side.
VEMS + 12 PSI + Liquid Intercooler = Small Bore FUN!


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But a bike engined car was tested at 105db? That was the most annoying thing
They're reason was that they rev higher, don't see what difference it makes.


2012 Avon class c 2nd place 13.8 @98mph


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On 25th Sep, 2011 1380rich said:
They wouldn't let me on claiming my car was at 105db held at 40cm from the exhaust, at 50cm away it was 102 and they still refused to let me on. the maximum it's ever reached on a drive by is 75db

Needless to say I won't be going back!
Rant over :)


It was when mine was at 103db that necessitated a change of exhaust, but from where that was measured who knows, becasue if it had been measured from 50cm I'm sure it would have been under.

If you have a 2 litre vtec that is not even on the hot cam at 4500 and revs up to 9k then thats gonna make a hell of a lot more noise then an a-series that will only rev up to 7500.

On 7th Oct, 2010 5haneJ said:
yeah I gave it all a good prodding


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They told me to rev to 4000 not sure where they held the tester on the charade but it only got 91db.


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Chippenham, Wilts

Combe has been 100db at 4500rpm for many years, they are under a lot of pressure from protest groups in the village and have a fixed set of noise days which are reserved for testing and racing

Baffles burn out over time, so a pass last years is no guarantee for this year

It is anoying to not got out to play, I've been black flaged with a 103 on drive by before, but I'd rather Combe not be closed due to noise


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Wootton Bassett

didn't have any noise issues myself, but then my car is standard all the way through =/

On 25th Sep, 2011 almichie said:
PhoTo 10 is me over taking you chasing that red metro!!! That's what killed my car in the end, multiple 7500rpm changes...

On 25th Sep, 2011 Craigie-B said:
pictures my gf took are here if your interested guys :)

I was trying to stay on the left when people were around me so you guys that were faster could get past :)

On 10th Mar, 2012 theoneeyedlizard said:

Hypothetically speaking, where would you stick your nozzle?

On 22nd Jun, 2012 apbellamy said:
my wife doesn't know what.head is never mind compression ratio.

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