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Kerb Weights:
Mk 1 Saloon (Rubber Cone Suspension): 587 kg
Mk1 Saloon (Hydrolastic Suspension): 634.5 kg
Van: 605 kg approx
Traveller & Countryman: 660 kg
Pickup: 604 kg
Moke: 562 kg

Bodyshell (Bare): 140.6 kg
Bonnet Hook Safety Catch: 0.051 kg
Bonnet Locking Pin & Spring: 0.075 kg
Bonnet Mk2: 7.7 kg
Bonnet Mk3 (Stripped): 5.900 kg
Bonnet Prop & Fixings Mk3: 0.145 kg
Bonnet Release Lever Mechanism Assembly: 0.293 kg
Boot Badge (Mini 1000) Mk3: 0.052 kg
Boot Handle & Catch Assembly Mk3: 0.272 kg
Boot Hinge & Fixings each: 0.185 kg
Boot Lid Cables & Fixings each side: 0.022 kg
Boot Lid Mk2 (Standard with parts fitted): 7.5 kg
Boot Lid Mk2 (Stripped): 5.8 kg
Boot Lid Mk3 (Stripped): 5.9 kg
Boot Number Plate Light Unit & Fixings Mk3: 0.495 kg
Boot Rubber Seal Mk3: 0.254 kg
Boot Rubber Seal Clips x 26 Mk3: 0.019 kg
Bumpers (Chrome) each: 1.650 kg
Bumper Over Rider each: 0.260 kg
Companion Bin Cards pair: 0.390 kg
"C" Pillar Cards pair: 0.209 kg
Dash Ashtray Mk3: 0.063 kg
Dash Bottom Rail Cover Mk3: 0.413 kg
Dash Card: 0.540 kg
Dash Centre Binnacle (Including Speedo, Water & Oil Gauges): 1.262 kg
Door Catch/Lock Assembly Mk3 (On Door): 0.321 kg
Door Catch/Jam & Striker Plate Mk3 (On Body Pillar): ? kg
Door Handle Mk3 (including lever): 0.355
Door Lock Lever Assembly Mk3: 0.064 kg
Door Hinge Lower Mk3: 0.283 kg
Door Hinge Upper Mk3: 0.296 kg
Door Mk 1 & 2 Complete (Not including hinges): 15.0 kg
Door Mk3 with side impact bar. Complete with hinges (Not including mirror): 18,6 kg
Door Card Mk3 on (each): 1.128 kg
1/4 Panel Card each: 0.784 kg
Door Catch Assembly (Body Pillar) each side: 0.193 kg
Door Check Mk3 each: 0.067 kg
Door Exterior Handle & Fixings Mk3 each: 0.363 kg
Door Glass & Channel Mk3 each side: 4.365 kg
Door Glass Front Section Mk1 & 2 (per door): 1.913 kg
Door Glass Front Section Catch Mk1 & 2 (per door): 0.030 kg
Door Glass Rear Section Mk1 & 2 (per door): 1.402 kg
Door Glass Rear Section Catch Mk1 & 2 (per door): 0.027 kg
Door Interior Handle & Fixings Mk3 each: 0.042 kg
Door Locking Lever Mechanism Mk3 each: 0.066 kg
Door Opening Lever & Fixings Mk3 each: 0.038 kg
Door Opening Mechanism each: 0.203 kg
Door Skin Steel (Mk3): 4.079 kg
Door Window Winder Handle Mk3 each: 0.035 kg
Firewall Hole Cover Rear Mk3: 0.163 kg
Flitch Panel Air Vent Blanking Cover each: 0.052 kg
Front Grille Bonnet Trim Mk2 & 3 0.115 kg
Front Grille Side Trim Mk2 & 3 (each side) 0.051 kg
Front Grille 8 Slat Mk3 1.176 kg
Front Panel 4.185 kg
Front Wing (early) 2.340 kg
Interior Mirror Mk3 & Fixings: 0.113 kg
Number Plate (Plastic) each: 0.231 kg
Number Plate (Pressed Alloy) each: 0.187 kg
Parcel Shelf Card: 0.721 kg
Rear Wheel Arch Trim pair: 0.056 kg
Rear Companion Bin (each): 0.900 kg approx
Rear Companion Bin Trim (each): 0.100 kg approx
Rear Light Unit Mk2/3 & Rubber Gasket each side: 0.651 kg
Rear Quarter Window (Opening) Mk1 & 2 each: 3.218 kg
Rear Quarter Window (Opening) Mk3 each: 3.373 kg
Rear Seat Squab (Mk3 Cloth with Vinyl edges): 2.298 kg
Rear Seat Cushion (Mk3 Cloth with Vinyl edges): 2.225 kg
Seam Trim (each): 0.100 kg approx
Seam Trim Clips (x 4 trims): 0.030 kg approx
Subframe Front Dry (early twin bolt): 16.7 kg
Subframe Tower Spacer Plate (each): 0.138 kg
Subframe Top Mount Tab Plates Twin Bolt Including Rubber Grommet (each): 0.030 kg
Subframe Top Mount Bolt Twin Bolt (each): 0.062 kg
Subframe (Rear): 14.2 kg
Subframe (Rear) Front Mounting Pin & Nut (per side): 0.197 kg
Subframe (Rear) Trunnion early (each): 0.181 kg
Window (Rear Mk2 on): 4.090 kg
Window Rear Rubber Seal (Mk3 on): 1.054 kg
Windscreen Front (Laminated): 5.700 kg
Windscreen Front Rubber Seal (without insert): 1.152 kg
Windscreen Front Rubber Seal Insert: 0.217 kg
Window Winder Mechanism each: 1.510 kg

Dynamo Rear Mounting Bracket: 0.101 kg
Inlet Manifold CAM6618 (Worked): 0.744 kg
Manifold Gasket: 0.041 kg
Oil Filler Cap (Red): 0.043 kg
Rocker Cover Brackets for splash guard: 0.061 kg
Rocker Cover Alloy CAM6822: 0.748 kg
Rocker Cover Steel: 0.586 kg
Rocker Cover Gasket: 0.025 kg
Rocker Shaft Assembly: 1.489 kg
Rocker Post Stud & Nut Short x 2: 0.059 kg
Rocker Post Stud & Nut Long x 2: 0.067 kg
Rocker Stud Tab: 0.004 kg
Push Rods x 8 (1275): 0.421 kg
Cylinder Head 12G940B Valves Fitted: 13.852 kg approx
Cylinder Head 12G940 MG Valves Fitted: 12.50 kg approx
Valve Spring (Single) each: 0.040 kg
Valve Spring Cap each: 0.015 kg
Valve Stem Collets x 8 Pairs: 0.016 kg
Inlet Valve 33.33mm each: 0.050 kg
Engine Earth Strap: 0.059 kg
Exhaust Valve 29,2mm each: 0.046 kg
Valve Stem Seals x 4: 0.006 kg
Cylinder Head Studs & Nuts Short x 5: 0.320 kg
Cylinder Head Studs & Nuts Long x 4: 0.344 kg
Cylinder Head Gasket: 0.092 kg
Water Temperature Sender Switch: 0.030 kg
Thermostat: 0.057 kg
Spark Plugs x 4: 0.800 kg
HT Leads set of 5 x 8mm Silicone: 0.250 kg
Rotor Arm for 65DM4: 0.016 kg
Distributor 65DM4 Electronic: 0.796 kg
Distributor Clamp: 0.081 kg
Distributor Clamp Bolt & Washer: 0.026 kg
Distributor Drive Spindle A+: 0.194 kg
Dipstick A+ Stainless Steel: 0.90 kg
Water Pump without bypass: 0.865 kg
Water Pump Bolts Flanged x 4: 0.079 kg
Water Pump Pulley 4.11/16": 0.290 kg
Water Pump Pulley 3.7/8": 0.231 kg
Cooling Fan Plastic 11 Blade: 0.165 kg
Alternator: 4.335 kg
Alternator Adjustment Bracket: 0.051 kg
Alternator Adjustment Bracket Bolt, Nut & Washers: 0.033 kg
Alternator to Adjustment Bracket Bolt & Washer: 0.014 kg
Alternator Mounting Bracket to Block A+: 0.075 kg
Alternator Mounting Bracket Bolts Flanged x 2: 0.024 kg
Alternator Mounting Bolts, Nuts & Washers x 2: 0.054 kg
Oil Filter Housing & Oil Feed Pipe: 0.315 kg
Oil Filter Housing Studs, Nuts & Washers x 2: 0.060 kg approx
Oil Feed Pipe Banjo Bolt & Washers: 0.064 kg
Oil Filter Spin On: 0.309 kg
Oil Pressure Relief Assembly: 0.070 kg
Oil Pump: 0.493 kg
Oil Pump Bolts Flanged x 2: 0.025 kg
Timing Plate: 1.000 kg
Timing Plate 5/16" Bolts & Washers x 6: 0.076 kg
Countersink Screws on Timing Plate for Duplex Gears: 0.008 kg
Camshaft SW05-07: 1.850 kg
Camshaft Woodruff Key: 0.002 kg
Camshaft Followers x 8: 0.369 kg
Camshaft Thrust Plate: 0.033 kg
Cam Thrust Plate 1/4" UNF Bolts & Star Washers x 3: 0.021 kg
Camshaft Duplex Vernier Sprocket: 0.725 kg
Camshaft Key Washer: 0.043 kg
Camshaft Lock Tab Washer: 0.014 kg
Camshaft Retaining Nut: 0.027 kg
Duplex Timing Chain: 0.081 kg
Crankshaft Duplex Sprocket: 0.323 kg
Crankshaft Sprocket Packing Washer: 0.000.5 kg
Crankshaft Oil Thrower: 0.026 kg
Crankshaft Woodruff Key: 0.004 kg
Timing Chain Cover A+ with Breather: 0.621 kg
Timing Cover Crankshaft Oil Seal: 0.023 kg
Timing Cover 1/4" Bolts, Plain & Locking Washers x 6: 0.042 kg
Timing Plate & Cover Gaskets: 0.014 kg
Timing Chain Back Plate (Alloy): 0.388 kg
Fuel, Water, Oil Pump & Oil Filter Housing Gaskets: 0.004 kg
Crankshaft Pulley TAM2011: 1.290 kg
Crankshaft Pulley Locking Tab Washer: 0.014 kg
Crankshaft Pulley Bolt: 0.144 kg
Crankshaft Main Bearings Set: 0.170 kg
Crankshaft Thrust Washer Set: 0.076 kg
Con Rods x 4: 2.600 kg approx
Big End Bearing Set: 0.182 kg
Primary Gear with Bush: 0.570 kg
Primary Gear "C" Washer Assembly: 0.038 kg
Primary Gear Thrust Washer: 0.018 kg
Fuel Pump Blanking Plate: 0.055 kg
Fuel Pump Blanking Plate Bolts & Washers x 2: 0.026 kg
Core Plugs x 5: 0.080 kg
Engine to Gear Bolts, Washers, Studs & Nuts: 0.130 kg
Starter Motor Inertia 4.4 kg
Starter Motor Pre-engaged 4.5 kg
Standard Flywheel 7.58 kg

Clutch Case Cover with Verto Lever: 2.100 kg
Clutch Friction Plate Verto: 0.825 kg
Clutch Master Cylinder: 0.680 kg
Clutch Master Cylinder Clevis Pin & Split Pin: 0.008 kg
Clutch Pressure Back Plate Standard Lightened (Pre Verto): 1.978 kg
Clutch Pressure Back Plate Standard (Pre Verto): 2.600 kg*
Clutch Pressure Plate Assembly (Verto): 4.2 kg
Clutch Slave Cylinder (Pre-Verto): 0.540 kg
Clutch Shouldered Bolts Competition Long x 3: 0.064 kg
Clutch Shouldered Bolts Competition Short x 3 0.053 kg
Clutch Spring Anchor Tab: 0.005 kg
CV Joint Outer (each): 1.700 kg
Drive Shaft Nearside Short: 1.286 kg
Drive Shaft Offside Long: 1.575 kg
Flywheel Housing (A+): 3.231 kg
Flywheel Standard Pre Verto: 7.580 kg
Flywheel Lightened Standard Pre Verto: 6.050 kg
Flywheel Bolt: 0.105 kg
Gearbox (Including all gears & differential): 26 kg approx
Gear Lever Rod Change without Gearknob: 0.651 kg
Gear Lever Rubber Gaiter (remote change): 0.173 kg
Hub Front (with bearings fitted): 1.337 kg
Hub to Brake Disc Bolts x 4 (per side): 0.064 kg
Hub Wheel Stud Standard (each): 0.019 kg
Rod Gearchange Linkage (Including Support Bracket): 2.095 kg

Bumpstop early two stud including Nuts & Washers (per side): 0.089 kg
Front Suspension Bottom Arm (each): 0.840 kg
Front Suspension Bottom Arm Bushes (per side): 0.037 kg
Front Suspension Bottom Arm Pin including Nut & Washer (per side): 0.219 kg
Front Upper Arm Complete Assembly Knuckle Joint, Nuts, Bolts & Washers (each): 2.392 kg
Genuine Rubber Suspension Cone (each): 0.904 kg
Knuckle Joint (each): 0.136 kg
Radius Arm including Pin, Bush & Bearing (each): 5.089 kg
Radius Arm Fully Built Including Non Spacered Drum (each): 11.500 kg
Rear Hub Nut (per side): 0.028 kg
Rear Subframe Poly Bushes x 4 (per side): 0.042 kg
Rebound Buffer (per side): 0.023 kg
Shock Absorbers Front Standard (each): 0.818 kg
Shock Absorbers Front Gaz Adjustable (each): 1.416 kg
Shock Absorbers Rear Gaz Adjustable (each): 1.520 kg
Shock Absorber to Radius Arm Nut & Washers (per side): 0.017 kg
Shock Absorber Top Mount (per side): 0.409 kg
Tie Bar Rod Heavy Duty Ajustable (each): 0.845 kg
Tie Bar Rod Standard (each): 0.498 kg
Tie Bar Rod to Bottom Arm Nut & Bolt (per side): 0.024 kg
Tie Bar Rod Front Nut & Washer (per side): 0.045 kg

Rack Retaining "U" Bolts & Nuts (pair): 0.139 kg
Steering Column complete with Steering Wheel Nut & Steering Lock: 2.573 kg
Steering Column Bracket (Painted): 0.090 kg
Steering Column Bracket (Chrome): 0.096 kg
Steering Column Bracket Shear Bolts & Washers (pair): 0.037 kg
Steering Column Bracket Shear Bolt Back Plate: 0.040 kg
Steering Column to Bracket Nut, Bolt & Washer: 0.034 kg
Steering Column Cowling (Mk3): 0.172 kg
Steering Rack: 3.661 kg
Track Rod End Long (each): 0.312 kg
Swivel Hub with Bearings, Steering Arm & Joints: 3.055kg

Brake Caliper Pad Split Pins x 2 (per side): 0.012 kg
Brake Drum Rear Alloy Finned Biult In Spacer (each): 1.750 kg
Brake Drum Rear Non Spacered (each): 2.300 kg
Brake Drum Retaining Screws Short x 2 (per side): 0.006 kg
Brake Light Pressure Switch & 2 Way Union Assembly: 0.132 kg
Brake Pads 8.4" (per side): 0.302 kg
Brake Pad Clip 8.4" (per side): 0.006 kg
Brake Regulator Valve (Early): 0.356 kg
Brake Union 3 Way: 0.054 kg
Caliper Alloy Four Pot: 1.15 kg
Caliper Metro Four Pot: 3.48 kg
Caliper Two Pot 7.5": 2.66 kg
Caliper Two Pot 8.4": 3.479 kg
Caliper 8.4" Mounting Bolts & Washers (per side): 0.053 kg
Disc 8.4": 2.906 kg
Handbrake Cable Back Plate Bracket (per side): 0.074 kg
Handbrake Cable Drum Lever: 0.107 kg
Handbrake Fairlead Plate x 4: 0.036 kg
Handbrake Lever (early two cable) including mounting nuts, bolts & washers: 0.780 kg
Handbrake Lever Grip (late): 0.071 kg
Handbrake Quadrant (per side): 0.112 kg
Handbrake Quadrant Bolt, Nut & Washer (per side): 0.050 kg
Hub & Disc 8.4" Assembly: 4.389 kg
Master Cylinder Single (early): 0.610 kg
Master Cylinder Clevis Pin & Split Pin: 0.008 kg
Rear Brake Back Plate: 0.826 kg
Rear Brake Back Plate Bolt, Nut & Washer x 3 (per side): 0.066 kg
Rear Brake Cylinder: 0.351 kg
Rear Brake Cylinder "C" Clip & Gasket (per cylinder): 0.003 kg
Rear Hub Including Bearings, Nut, Split Pin, & Cap: 1.445 kg

Coolant Capacity: Water 1 Pint approx 0.600 kg
Water (per pint): 1.0375 lbs (0.5 kg)
Petrol Per Gallon (Dependant on temperature): 6.1 lbs (2.8 kg)

Fuel System
Fuel Tank 5.5 Gallon (25.0034 Litres): 4.437 kg
Locking Petrol Cap: 0.137 kg

Engine Bay
Horn Mk3 Factory Fitted: 0.775 kg
Master Cylinder Mounting Plate: 0.110 kg
Voltage Regulator Control Box: 0.427 kg
Windscreen Washer Bottle Including Electric Pump: 0.275 kg
Windscreen Washer Pipe Assembly Including "T" Piece (bulkhead mounted): 0.026 kg
Wiper Hole Blanks Stainless (pair): 0.041
Wiper Mechanism (Mk3): 0.579 kg
Wiper Motor 2 Speed (Mk3): 1.628 kg
Wiper Motor to Body Rubber Pad: 0.026 kg
Wiper Motor to Body Rubber Pad: 0.026 kg
Wiper Mounting Bracket Including Rubber: 0.098 kg

Accelerator Pedal (without rubber): 0.272 kg
Dash Ashtray: 0.061 kg
Pedal Box: 2.100 kg
Roll Cage Safety Devices Six Point Bolt In (Including Fixings):
Roll Cage Rear Section with Diagonal: 15 kg
Roll Cage Front Section: 10 kg
Roll Cage Dash Bar: 3 kg
Roll Cage Door Bar (Each): 2.5 kg
Seat Cross Member Front Mount (Mk3 bolt-on) Each: 0.144 kg
Seat Catch Floor Brackets (each): 0.272 kg
Sound Deadening (floor & rear quarter panels: 9.0 kg approx

Wheels & Outer Trim
Wheel Nut (chrome): 0.035 kg
Wiper Hole Blanks Stainless (pair): 0.041
Wiper Wheelbox Bezels Chrome Including Nuts & Seals (pair): 0.682 kg
Wheel Cooper S Steel 10" x 4.5" with 165/70 x10" Tyre: 9.000 kg*
Wheel Cooper 12" x 4.5" with 145/60 x12" Tyre: 9.200 kg*
Wheel Super Light Alloy 13" x 7" with 175/50 x13" Tyre: 12.100 kg*
Wheel Minilite Magnesium 10" x 6" (wheel only): 2.925 kg*
Wheel Minilite Alloy 10" x 5" (wheel only): 3.770 kg
Wheel Minilite Alloy 12" x 5" (wheel only): 4.570 kg
Wheel Super Light Alloy 13" x 6" (wheel only): 5.620 kg
Wheel Minilite Alloy 13" x 6" (wheel only): 6.510 kg
Wheel Sports Pack Alloy 13" x 6" (wheel only): 6.760 kg

Fresh Air Ducts & Heating
Air Intake Inner Wing Duct (Mk3): 0.170 kg
Air Intake Hose to Distribution Box (Mk3): 0.180 kg
Demister Duct Left Hand Including Screws (Mk3): 0.046 kg
Demister Duct Right Hand Including Screws (Mk3): 0.057 kg
Distribution Box Including Nuts, Washers & Seal (early Mk3 without face vents): 0.249 kg
Heater Box Metal Case (Mk3): 4.4 kg
Hose Inner Wing to Heater (Mk3): 0.081 kg
Hose Heater to Demister Left Hand Duct (Mk3): 0.037 kg
Hose Heater to Demister Right Hand Duct (Mk3): 0.037 kg

Fuse Box 1976-96 (Including the 4 fuses plus 2 spares): 0.081 kg
Indicator Switch Assembly Single Stalk (Mk3): 0.199 kg
Wiper Mechanism (Mk3): 0.579 kg
Wiper Motor 2 Speed (Mk3): 1.628 kg

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