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Someone posted this to me yesterday:

Now I know Carl's wheel conversions are becoming increasingly popular so what are your thoughts on this?

Anybody actually had any problems?


EDIT: a quick search came up with one other thread that mentions a previous discussion but I can't find it?

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I've stripped loads of inner tubes out of tyres over the years and never seen one with rubbing issues.
A frined in the States has run tubes while autocrossing...

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99% of the autograss cars use tubes, with wheel speeds of over 100mph and race speed of 60mph there is plenty of wheel spin and lots of heat in the tyres.

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On 15th May, 2009 TurboDave said:

I think the welsh one has it right!

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Fair enough. I guess its one of those theories that never gets proved or disproved.

Bought some talc anyway. Prevention rather than cure eh.


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Quarry Bonk

Personally i've always thought it to be a load of balls. Nout wrong with inners at all!

On 26th Jan, 2012 Tom Fenton said:
ring problems are down to wear or abuse but although annoying it isn't a show stopper

On 5th Aug, 2014 madmk1 said:
Shit the bed! I had snapped the end of my shaft off!!

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Home > Help Needed / General Tech Chat > Inner tubes and Radial Tyres
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