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Wile E. Coyote

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Hello All,

Just curious who is going ? Any TM cars going to the show ? *happy*

I will be going to it but in the works estate car.

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Camberley, UK

think i am, i wasnt going to but my mate wants me to go as i had previously mentioned it to him....

is it 11 pp or pc?


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Me and da woman will be there in Daisy (don't ask) my new road chariot.


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should be going in the gf's mini though :(

Reading up on RTS Clutches

On 21st Sep, 2006 Paul S said:

Go on, be brave, put it in the car and tell us how it works.
Pity your bollocks are in line with the flywheel!
On 27th May, 2013 robert said:

putting my testicles on the line for turbo mini owners everywhere ,and they still work !

Home > Shows > Brooklands Mini Day - 25th March 2012
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