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i have dilemma! i have a standard mini disc setup and a metro 4 pot brake setup! which one would be best to use? im not using a servo and its a split system if it helps!?!?


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Betwix Harrogate and York

I'd stick with standard, it's all I ever use on a road car.

Fastest 998 mini in the world? 13.05 1/4 mile 106mph

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On 2nd Jan, 2013 fastcarl said:

the design shows a distinct lack or imagination,
talk about starting off with a clean sheet of paper, then not bothering to fucking draw on it,lol

On 20th Apr, 2012 Paul S said:
I'm mainly concerned about swirl in the runners caused by the tangential entry.


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it take it they are both pritty good then? 4pots just look better?


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My last car was built up as a track day build. It was certainly on the latter part of the fast road scope.

The engine from that has gone into a current car of mine on refurbed standard 8.4 setup with mintex pads.

For every day driving they are ideal, they can take a blast down the backroads too.

But drive like an arse and the brakes will give up on you. This is not as a result of the pad material, 2 pot or four pot its as a result of it not having vented disks.

I changed from allow solid to allow vented on the track car for this reason.

On 19th Feb, 2011 Miniwilliams said:
OMG Robert that's a big one

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