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My first chat with steve was after his name cropping up on the mini forum which then led me to turbo minis for the first time as I was after someone reputable to build me an engine from scratch I'd looked at the likes of med and the like which was completely out of my league for the spec I wanted so Steve reasured me that the engine he would build for me would be a strong reliable and quick ! Which is what I was after, his straight talking and down to earth nature , and also him being a northerner like myself was something I knew I could relate to ( no bulshit) , it wasn't long before I'd given him the ok to start after seeing the benross headquarters and the countless heads and blocks he was working on , so I went back to see him to drop off my rusty old A+ engine and box which has been sat in my garage for around 15 years , Steve kept me well informed how progress was going and was telling me the various parts needed to complete my build . I have now received my gleaming new engine from him which I never believed could look so good , and I am very pleased with the outcome and the service i received although it will be many months before I will be turning the key to fire it up , so a massive thanks to Steve for building a fantastic engine and also introducing me to turbo minis , I'm sure il be back at the benross house soon when more parts or advise is needed :*Clapping*


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Here's a pic of the new engine

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ive had a few dealings with steve and he really is first class ! even helped me out at 9pm the other night to find me the oil feed banjo as i lost mine but then would not have a penny off me
cant fault him at all TOP MAN


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Sent my head off to Steve before Christmas for a freshen up and some port and chamber work. After pestering him with questions, he came up with a spec that suited what I was after perfectly!
He kept in contact throughout, and even phoned to check what cam I was using so he could sort the right valve springs!

As you can see in the photos below, the work is great and this is by no means his full race spec head either! just some minor chamber work and a light clean up in the ports.

I had said to Steve that time wasn't a massive issue and being that it was Christmas and new year, I said he could take as long as he needed.
Well the head came back a few days ago and the work is faultless, nothing short of perfect for what i need!
Highly recommended to anybody interested!!

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s wales

thought I had posted here a long time ago...or maybe was in another thread.

can highly recommend steve (benross). a genuine all round helpful guy. not many honest guys like this left around.

if you are considering getting a head done, engine build, machining work, intercooler mods etc etc it is well worth getting in touch with steve.

cheers, dan


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West Sussex

I'd also like to thank Steve for doing what looks to be a great head. Like others have already said he was very helpful. I didn't meet him in person but his continual communication through this site was great, he gave me process updates and the job was done for when he said it would.
All in all I would use his services again if needed and recommend him to others.
Top bloke, cheers.



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I have been out of the mini scene for quite a while but last year I bought myself a 1975 1275gt with a tired engine. Richard from minispares Harrogate lives near me and recommended steve as a top engine builder.
I went to see steve at his headquarters to discuss the reconditioning of my original gt engine. But after fish & chips and a gallon of tea and my head in overload with information and engine specs I had agreed to a full turbo build. I sourced a A+ motor and dropped it off for him to work his sorcery on it. I had no experience in this kind of project but steve has helped me every step of the way so far, I hope to have it on the road before summer.
I have picked the engine up and it looks mint, every nut and bolt replaced, he even sorted the oil and water connections on the turbo. He let me know on a regular basis how the build was going. This bloke certainly knows his stuff and as soon as I get it on the rollers I will put the results up.

To be honest I think he only builds these engines for us fellas because he enjoys it so much, but he does like the banter.

Cheers Steve,

Roy B

PS I still intend for him to recondition my original gt engine.


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Just received my turbo head which Steve worked his magic on, superb workmanship porting and opening up the chambers, I hope I can build the rest of the engine to match!
Kept in the loop all the way, and even supplied me a s/h final drive I was after and chucked in some lock tabs, prices are very reasonable for the amount of work involved too.

Cheers Steve

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