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Australia oi oi oi!

This guy is a crook.

I pad the man via paypal.. your custom dash would take a few months to do thats fine..

he seems so nice, promises the world, did what i wanted showed me photos.. actually made the dash & switches!

he makes up every excuse in the book it's been 10 months now & no dash or clocks nothing as he just does not post it.

Do not trust him, you will not see your product or your money..

if i was not in Australia, i would cave his head in. 'im that angry.. i have tried to be nice.. nothing works.

so im out of pocked about 500 pounds.
I cant do a paypal request so im going to my bank/credit card & doing a charge back. international Fraud.

do not buy from

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wng691s clubby

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damm sorry to hear this another one to avoid

Done now needs redoing lol

Rob Gavin

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That is crap. While i can understand some companies want a 'commitment' deposit at order, i would avoid anyone looking or full payment - i'm assuming you paid in full as £500 is a lot for a dash

Sorry to hear about it buddy


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Australia oi oi oi!

yeah i did rob. the guy is notorious for not posting items.. unfortunately i only thought to google this after it felt i was waiting longer then normal.


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Grantham, east midlands

Extremely sorry to hear that, I was a subject to this kind of fraud with a company in leciestershire here in the uk that is no longer in business now due to his bad workman ship, not posting, losing engine parts, sending engines to people that were not the engine they took in etc etc.
Hopefully minteriors will go out of business and be took to court as well... I hate people with a passion who are like this!!

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SouthPark, Colorado

wow. This guy is a character.

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Probably the same old same old, using other peoples orders to pay for last months orders, then it snowballs....

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Australia oi oi oi!

the guy wont pick up the phone.. wont reply to emails.

i doubt i would ever get the dash..

he is all lies.

it's sad because he does great work.

getting a sash is another story


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where is he located nick??

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NW London

Here you go

††††Domain name:

††††††††jason evans

††††Registrant type:
††††††††UK Individual

††††Registrant's address:
††††††††25 spencer street
††††††††LE2 4DQ
††††††††United Kingdom

††††††††Daily Internet Services Limited t/a [Tag = DAILY]

††††Relevant dates:
††††††††Registered on: 02-May-2008


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Woolavington, Zummerzet

Wonder if he will have the balls to turn up at Bingley ?

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Australia oi oi oi!

good news! after 1year & cracking it i posted on a few forums he posted my bits. :)

very happy his work is amazing his service is shit.

ha thanks paul. anyone live close to him?

Domain name:

jason evans

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant's address:
25 spencer street
United Kingdom

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