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King Gaycharger, butt plug dealer, Sheldon Cooper and a BAC but generally a niceish fella if you dont mind a northerner

Rotherham, South Yorkshire

On 11th Feb, 2015 robert said:
i tried putting soap on it , and heating it to brown , then slathered my new lube on it



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Someones been busy


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Swansea boyo!

Wooo, I've shaved off 0.052 kg by not having a boot badge! Must have taken so long to do all of that *indifferent*

They don't die, they just get faster!


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Don't understand why Clubman saloon weighs as much as a Round nose

Surely the clubby front ends bigger so a little bit more weight


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Turbo Love Palace Fool


Now that's a detailed list!

1/4mile in 13.2sec @ 111 terminal on 15psi

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