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So I just tried Sodablasting last night and it went really well. I thought I would share my results and process for everyone.
Basically you use Sodium Bicarbonate as a blasting medium to clean parts. The idea is that it is just barely abrasive and also water soluble. Which is great because it cleans but can be washed out (unlike standard shot which can stay in threads or holes). When you wash it out, it should take most of the oil with it as it absorbs it:
I got the idea from this site here:

I didn't make my own gun however. I had one at work I could use but they are pretty cheap ($25).

You need:
Abrasive Blast Gun
Air Supply (high pressure and volume, shop air is ideal)
Baking Soda (I went to the local bulk store and got a 14lb bag for $6)
Dust Mask
Safety Glasses

There really isn't too much to it.
You hook the gun up to air. You'll be using a lot of air so a big tank is really nice.
Stick the intake hose into your bag of baking soda and you are ready to go.
You are spraying grit at a dirty part so you will want face and mouth protection and wear clothes that you don't totally care about.
My Setup:

I used this clean my gear case and associated aluminum hardware as well as my carb body.

Once blasted you will need to wash the parts. For the small stuff I used my ultrasonic cleaner with plain water. For the larger things I used pressure parts washer. This will clear out all of the baking soda and leave you with nice clean parts.



NOTE: This is abrasive and although it is a light abrasive it will potentially dull shiney surfaces. I was carefull not to aim directly at bearing surfaces. It will take off gasket remnants but I also tried to avoid direct spray at these. Definitely test on a small spot first. It works really great for removing the layer of bronze oil deposists on the inside of engine components.
This method is really great for grime and will take of aluminum oxide or corrodsion but takes more time and more directed spray.
Baking soda is environmentally friendly so cleanup isn't a worry.
This worked for me, if you try it, make sure to test it out and see if it will work for you. I'm not responsible if you bodge a part.


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Christ! How much did you use!! Almost looks like snow.

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California, USA

Haha! I should have noted that!
We've got about 1.5 feet on the ground.
Definitely helps to hide the powder.


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brookwood woking

I was thinking the same thing when I seen the first pic lol

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Home > How To > Quick Guide To Soda Blasting
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