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I would like to introduce myself, and my website!

We are Local Mini Chat, we have been online since July, and have already received fantastic support and comments from people around the world!

We are still looking to add Mini Clubs to our blog section, by joining us, you are able to share your story and host a blog for your Mini club, completely free of charge!

You will not have to pay anything towards running costs for your blog or our website. You will also find a great tool for showing of your club!

We are also encouraging clubs to communicate with other clubs via the site.

Behind the scenes there is communications going on amongst different clubs, discussing joint events and runs!

We are also looking into the possibility of a Mobile app. This will be an open to everyone app (No Facebook required). This is designed for people running clubs, club members, and general Mini owners alike!

The app will feature heavily on communications with people in your local area!

The app will progress through a Kickstarter campaign (Crowd funding), so in time we shall be calling for some help!

In the mean time we have created this survey to gauge interest...

From our Facebook page:

We are still looking at owners and fans alike to participate in our survey!
We apologise in advance for spamming your groups with these posts, but every one of you that takes part allows us to learn something new!
This is a fresh survey, so even if you have filled in a previous one we still would like your response!

Thanks very much!

The more people that complete the survey the better the results will be for all of us!

Local Mini Chat is about bringing Mini owners together from all around the World, highlighting the Local Mini Owners near yourselves, and Putting a name to that Mini you have seen in your area.

The website has includes an interactive map, that show Mini's in your town. (The map doesn't highlight the exact address, it simply highlights the nearest town).

The interactive also includes, Mini Friendly garages/business' and Locations and Dates of Mini Shows throughout the year!

Our website also includes a Live version of OilDrippers MiniSelecta! This is an app where you can build a cartoon version of your Mini to include in your signiture or print out an stick in your garage!

If you are interested in joining our blog, then please get in touch either via the site, or on here :)

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Far as I'm concerned, if anyone wants to join this group they can. As of right now, this post does not need any additional comments.

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