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Am planning on fitting a fibreglass 2 piece front and want to set it up as a removable front end.
Am curious how others have secured there's in place. Any advice / methods would be appreciated.

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mine was / is 6 bolts, 2 where the tear drops were, 2 on each a panel, mine is steel removable though.

my last 1 piece was 4 pins and 2 catches,
the pins at the back of the bonnet and where the tear drops were, the catches on the a panel

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Mines fitted with 2 bonnet pins around the tear drop area, and 4 dzus fasteners, 2 per side at the back. Can pretty much sit on the corner of it but that also depends on the quality of the front end

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Home > FAQ / Knowledge > Fibreglass 2 piece front end
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