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I am not that good with engines and could do with some help

I have owned my 1987 mini city 998 for a while and got it to a really nice condition the engine has been rebuilt
The block
Rebored to +40 and pocketed to accept 12g940 head
Mini sport ca2 camshaft kit duplex timing gear
Chain tensioner
Crankshaft main and bigend bearing
Centre main bearing strap
Valve timing set to full lift 113atdc ( don't have a clue what that means)
New water pump and thermostat

12g940 refaced to give compression ratio 10:1ports matched
New valve guides
Heavy duty valve springs
Valve seals
Valve seats refaced

I am not that clued up on engines and I am wanting to turbo the engine is there anywhere in the north east UK that could do the work for me

Also what parts would I need to get

Cheers for any help

Joe C

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Carlos Fandango

Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex

the main thing is to get the compression ratio down, you can get the head taken out a bit, biut there is a limit ispecially if its been skimmed to get that 10:1 figure.

the other usual weak point are pistons, but from the spec i think it should have decent ones in there already

turbophil is up kendal way and does good head work. he may be able to get the chambers out to what is needed

On 28th Aug, 2011 Kean said:
At the risk of being sigged...

Joe, do you have a photo of your tool?

Home > 998cc > Need some help
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