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Hi guys, I'm currently assembling my k1100 head and need to buy a valve spring compressor to get the collets in. Any suggestion which one to buy ? I have one at home but seems not suitable for the job.

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I bought one of these years ago. It's nothing fancy, but it's sturdy and for the price there's no way it can be bettered in my opinion. [url] [/url]




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I have one like this

but I'm 100% sure I didn't pay 70 for it.

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the style will posted will do most all 16v heads, the ones with the non-adjustable stop that pushes against the spring will snag on some heads.

This is the set I use as it can do a head on the bench in minutes and can also do most heads in-situ. but it is REALL tracky to use as you have to do the collets one handed. as the other hand is on the lever compressing the spring. but its fast.

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If you have access to a machine shop, you can just make an adapter for your existing valve spring compressor - basically making that tubular section with the walls missing in the link above, so is that engages into your existing compressor, and allows you to do all kinds.

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