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Commented on this on facebook earlier

My comment alot of money for a scrap engine

Comment replied to but then deleted along with post by originator probably as most comments were negative.

Then looked at his other items

Lol then checked his feedback .........

Good luck to its new owner


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You could probably buy that new for similar money.

On 7th Oct, 2010 5haneJ said:
yeah I gave it all a good prodding


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brookwood woking

I love how the archs have been tubed lol

I have started posting on Instagram also my name on there is turbomk1mini

Nothing is impossible it just costs more and takes longer.

On 1st Nov, 2007 Ben H said:
There is no such thing as 'insignificant weight saving', it all adds up.

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SouthPark, Colorado

How does that end up in what is clearly a "generic" scrapyard ?
Is the roof missing because the PO had to be cut out of it???

On 17th Nov, 2014 Tom Fenton said:
Sorry to say My Herpes are no better

Who remembers this first time around:

Turbo This..

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Australia, brisbane

ouch no cage and roof chopped presumably by fire/paramedics


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Suffolk / Birmingham

That guy was on Retrorides the other day. He didn't even know what it was. (either that or it was some other clueless pikey wanting to buy it from a salvage auction)

Edited by slater on 3rd Aug, 2017.


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lowestoft suffolk

On 2nd Aug, 2017 madmk1 said:
I love how the archs have been tubed lol

Tubed? Where am i looking?

And could you really buy new at that price *oh well*

On 24th Oct, 2015 jonny f said:
Nothing gets past Dave lol


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If I were the guy I'd be in touch with SC find out the exact spec and sell it at spares/repairs it should still fetch decent money.

If something is worth doing, it's worth doing half of.

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