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Hi guys,

I'm currently plugging the block and I'm using brass for all the water and oil ways. All I have left now are those holes which will overlap the new stud holes. I've read several theories on what material should be used.

I tried to buy some cast iron round bar, but when I run a die through it, the thread produced didn't seem fine to me. It was all flake-y, so I thought it was not trustworthy.

I also bought some 10.9 and 8.8 grade galvanized steel bolts, but was thinking that they might be too strong compared to cast iron.

The last option I can think of, and I believe I haven't read it anywhere is to use 'bright mild steel' round bar and run a die through it. The material seems to be very machinable, so I guess tapping it wouldn't be a problem. However I don't know with regards to strength.

What are you guys using out there ?

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Well I'm in the iron camp. Maybe buy a sharper die? Haha


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Yeah maybe that will work. I was thinking maybe defects in the material resulted in the flakey thread, but I guess it is a characteristic of cast iron


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what about any material thatll fill the hole (brass/steel/whatever) and a wurth timecert to provide clean threads for the head bolts/studs.

I'v never done one of these conversions, but just throwing the idea out there.

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I like the timsert idea, especially if you were to use the original BMW bolts.

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Joe, do you have a photo of your tool?


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But still, the materials in which the timesert is to be inserted needs to be strong enough to withstand the head torque.

If using brass to fill the original hole, then why just not tap it and use it already ?


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" the miniman" down here in QLD uses cast iron threaded plugs, I'm unsure if he has any for sale atm. he's on here .... shoot him a pm and ask.

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For the ones at each end of the distributor side of the block, just wind in some low-grade steel bolts with permanent loctite. For the same (outer) ones on the other side of the block, use a taper plug, but don't drill into the water way in the same place as the original water hole; instead offset away to where the new stud hole needs to be, so the new thread doesn't contact the taper plug.

I added some pics of mine - note that I moved the middle three holes (distributor side of block). Not everyone does this, but I wanted to optimise, so bit the bullet and made it happen. The large 7/8" fine thread bolts on the "exhaust side" are there so there is a single large lump to (blind) drill & tap into, seems going small here is always at risk of creating issues by pulling out the plugs.

I had the benefit of doing these on my Bridgeport, and I used 2-flute slot mills for when drilling down between the differing materials to avoid any possibility of the drill wandering. If you are doing this in a drill press, you can still use a milling cutter - these won't want to wander as much, but you must have a very well clamped, rigid setup.

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I sacrifice an old cam for the cast bar, also use brass on water/ oil and not overlap stud holes, and the "old cam" on the ones that overlap.

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