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Stansted, Essex

As per title...



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lowestoft suffolk

I knew what it was before i even pressed the link... i thought it was photoshopped 1st time i see it!!! Someones done a lot of work to make such a beauty!?

On 24th Oct, 2015 jonny f said:
Nothing gets past Dave lol


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Hasn't this been in minimag or so years ago?

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Little bit of sick just came up ....

Outside the box


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Betwix Harrogate and York

Love it!

Fastest 998 mini in the world? 13.05 1/4 mile 106mph

On 2nd Jan, 2013 fastcarl said:

the design shows a distinct lack of imagination,
talk about starting off with a clean sheet of paper, then not bothering to fucking draw on it,lol

On 20th Apr, 2012 Paul S said:
I'm mainly concerned about swirl in the runners caused by the tangential entry.


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The Boom Boom speaker Police!


The only bit I don't like is the engine bay. It needs a 6 cylinder a series to fill the gap.

In the 13's at last!.. Just

Rob Gavin

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not for me but clearly a bit of work has gone into it; would be interested to see how well it has all been done below the skin

agreed, it would di with something else under the bonnet


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Northern Ireland (ex AUS)

It's kinda growing on me, but you can still see the shape of the two donor cars in the roof gutter above the windscreen.

On 7th Nov, 2008 Nic said:
!!!!!!sdrawkcab si gnihtyreve ?droabyekym ot deneppah sah tahw ayhwdd


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