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So I have a GT1752 which is leaking oil and the shaft can be moved in little circles. My question to you all is do I have it re-built (first estimate over the phone around 390+VAT as the impeller blades are likely to be damaged). Buy a CHRA from fleebay and rebuild myself (most likely be a Chinese copy) or get a very good very cheap copy and hope they got it right?

Thoughts and experiences please
Thanks in advance

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I,m in High Wycombe and I have a pile of GT 1752 bits, including one which I was keeping as a spare as it is unworn, but I have now sold the car so have no further need of them.
PM me if interested.

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Ebay CHRA is hard to beat for the money and ease. Would I run one in a VERY expensive race engine, or one I built for a customer; probably not, but I'm running an eBay CHRA right now, and I know of others who are as well.
Almost every rebuild kit offered online is china and NOT genuine (including many of those rebuild kits purporting to be genuine), so what does it matter running a full China assy, or used (albeit with varying degrees of wear) parts mixed with new China parts? Getting your turbo rebuilt by a specialist will also likely be China sourced parts as well.

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There's a place in Nottingham that machine and build turbo cores in house at really good prices cant remember their name off head but I'm sure if you search gt1752 turbo core in eBay ull come across them, buying a core removes the faffing about and fiddly work.


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Actually they are called nkk turbos, what a brainwave that was

Home > Help Needed / General Tech Chat > Turbo - rebuild or replace
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