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Attached the cooling diagram of my current setup (42mm ally mpi rad)

Now as I see it I need a feed from the bottom (cold side) and return to the top somehow

Ive got some handy breaks in the coolant lines going into the heater matrix so should I plumb it in-line (pretty drastic restriction Id guess?)
Or t piece and feed the hot side back into another t at the top

Header tank is the same diameter as the return line too pretty much

What are your thoughts 🤔 😋


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I was in the same boat as you regarding this situation. I worked backwards from what I had on my Rover 220 turbo and Evos.
I've taken the feed from the bottom hose of the radiator for a positive pressure to the turbo, then the feed from the turbo goes into the cold side pipe of the heater matrix. I'll gladly take constructive criticism for my set up, but it was the only way i saw to get pressurised coolant post radiator and to return to a feed that goes back to the water pump.

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To get flow you need to take the water from the high pressure part of the system. This is between the pump and the thermostat, problem is that it is only easily accessible where it is also the hottest. Return is best after the thermostat and before the rad.

Personally, I don't give a stuff about the water temperature, pressures generating flow is what you need. Difference between hot and cold side of the rad is only a few degrees and Turbos only use water cooling as belt and braces anyway. A good flow of hot water, same tempertaure as the oil will work fine in my opinion. So take the feed off the head or, in your case, from the sandwich plate under the thermostat housing.

Return into the feed to the rad after the thermostat.

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is it true that the center houseing should be rotated slightly to put the water out a bit higher to promote after shutoff flow thermochifin or what ever


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Just checking before I order the bits but this is my thinking
T piece from the top hose heading towards the heater matrix - hot but pressured to the lowest point of the snail
Then from the slightly higher side of the snail up to a t piece on the expansion tank to thermostat hose



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If it were me and you've still got all the original MPi plumbing, I would splice the turbo cooling into the T section on the bottom hose indicated as number 4. This is a bypass (replaces the bypass hose and stubs on the head and water pumps on a lot of the earlier engines). There is a 6mm plastic restrictor in that section near the top T, which can be removed. Incidentally, the arrow in the picture shows the wrong flow direction.

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