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paul wiginton
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I know there are some budding photographers on here so Im after some advice.

my son has taken an interest in photography and wants a good camera for christmas, must be capable of high quality pictures but not break the bank expensive.

Any recommendations?

I seriously doubt it!


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One of the entry level Nikon DX DLSR's would be a good place to start. You can get a lot of camera for your money and have the option of buying better lenses at a later date.

Second hand is always an option if the budget is tight.


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A bridge camera is a good starting point . All the manual capabilities of a dslr but with a good lens range


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I'm not a camera buff, but I wanted something that allowed me to mess about when I wanted. So I bought one of these

You can piss about with apature, shutter speed etc and there are a few lenses you can get if you want. Takes really nice photos.

Not sure how old your lad is or what he wants, but thought I'd throw it out there.

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I was also going to suggest a bridge camera, that's what I have, I'm not good or knowledgeable enough to make use of an SLR, well in honesty I'm not good or knowledgeable enough to make use of most of the stuff on my bridge!
Maybe have a chat with him about it and see what it is he'd like?

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