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I've done a BMW twin cam conversion (Sorry, but no turbo or supercharger... yet), and am currently rethinking my crankshaft position sensor arrangement as I really want to mount the radiator to the engine again in the stock location. I'm using the Specialist Components bits, including their cam drive gear, cog wheel mount with a Ford 36-1 cog wheel and a stock harmonic balancer. The whole assembly mounted on the end of my crankshaft sticks out so far that I had to grind off a good part of the motor/radiator mount to clear it. That eliminated the mounting nuts for the lower radiator bracket. I cut the inner fender and secured the radiator to it.

Part numbers and photos would be most helpful. I took a couple of photos of my set up this evening, but they don't show much detail.

Thanks in advance!

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Yeh, that is a common problem.

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Is it A-Series only? I think it should be...
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Yep I agree with TD........

Home > A-Series EFI / Injection > Electronic Ignition Arrangement
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