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Just revisited the OLD crank material testing thread and it raised a couple of questions.

Three questions below - all, feel free to comment. thanks

Fastcarl - standard rolled fillet cranks and 9k rpm. ( from the other thread)
Carl, i had an en40 b crank well bladed etc, that lasted in a race engine for ages until operator error...... What thrust washer measures do you use or any other mods.
Mine ( inherited, so not my cleverness) had only 2 thrusts with the permanent rod 'thrust' as per Sprocket et al, and also had oil feed mods.

Anyone tried any of the new non offset "5 Journal type" cranks at 8000-9000 - i have heard/seen cracking, on very expensive items..... some thoughts are the aggressive cam profiles dont play well with these cranks ( i am not sure of the thought process there, but problematic to the racer.....)

and finally

i am leaning towards using standard type cranks.. How ' reliable ' is re heat treating and the re straightening crank if required,,, my concern is re straightening may put a new stressor in the crank? any one done it?//? Cheers

Home > Technical Chat > Crank heat treatment and straightening process
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