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South Staffordshire

If boring out from 1275 to 1293 is it worth off setting the bores to allow future off set rebores to occur? Is this even practicable? I am also keen to keep as much meat as possable between the centre two bores.

Spoke to two differant engine builders got four different answers.

- Can anyone recommend a machince shop around midlands who would be a decent job for me?


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SH Engineering In Bromsgrove would be my recommendation

On 20th Oct, 2015 Tom Fenton said:

Well here is the news, you are not welcome here, FUCK OFF.


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Rob Walker engineering list offset boring from 100


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Preston On The Brook

Offset boring is normally in the region of 0.020", that means cylinders in pairs of 2 (1/2 and 3/4) are moved towards the front and rear of the block (away from each other) by 0.010" each pair.

Consider the 1293 is an over size of 0.020", meaning only 0.010" is removed from the bore wall, offset boring with only a 0.020" over size is not practical.

On 26th Oct, 2004 TurboDave16v said:
Is it A-Series only? I think it should be...
So when some joey comes on here about how his 16v turbo vauxhall is great compared to ours, he can be given the 'bird'...

On 26th Oct, 2004 Tom Fenton said:
Yep I agree with TD........


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wakefield West Yorks

I think the general rule is yes to 1380 but pointless on 1293

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