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SouthPark, Colorado

I just bought an SD1 for racing in the "lemons" series out here (a fun cheap race series for cheap cars).
Sure, I could have bought an E30 and be racing today, but I still miss my vitesse and this seemed like a good idea...

Anyways, this rover has standard "series 1" suspension (and brakes, but that's an easy future upgrade) so I was first looking to update to Vitesse spec springs and uprated inserts, but the more I've researched, I've pretty much decided the best method is to go coilovers so I can change rates and adjust ride height and corner weight....

I've found this amazing build but it doesn't go into detail about what the parts were. I guess I need to look for a vehicle (this is where you guys come in) that has a similar style mcpherson arrangement that used a coil-over insert arrangement, as opposed to the struts that have the lugs welded to the bottom that the hub bolts to. (post 138 - but the rest of the build is pretty amazing!)...

Any pointers would be appreciated!

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Preston On The Brook

I've seen Bilstein insert coil over strut tubes for the Mk1/2 Escorts. Those in the build thread above look similar?.............

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On 26th Oct, 2004 Tom Fenton said:
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Glasgow, Scotland

Some st205 celica gt4 coilovers are designed to be welded into the stock strut tube on the front. This leaves you open to sleeve and weld as you please.

Thinking further any strut with a thread in the section that bolts to the hub could have the threaded section welded to anything and ran as-is.

turbo 16v k-series 11.9@118.9 :)

Denis O'Brien.

Home > General Chat > OT - advice on Mcpherson strut coilover / inserts (for updating an SD1)
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