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I bought a bridge like the one in the link below.

Seen it working. So no problem there.

I installed it at home cleaned it ( the man who i bought it from never maintained it just covered everything in a big fat layer of dirty grease and oil...)

But now 2 questions rise.

1 what grease should i use for the screw and sprocket and chain system ( each pole has a sprocket connected to a spindle for going up and down and all 4 are connected with a chain) i cleaned it all with diesel...

2 the engine is connected to a reducer/ gearbox that filled with oil.
The oil in there was probably never replaced. So drained it and cleaned it.
The idea here was to use 20w50 ( easy from the mini) or 80w90 gear oil.
Whats your toughts on it.

you can do anything if you set your mind to it...
i rather blow it up winning than keep it together losing.

finish date set for project 1... march 2018

Home > General Chat > Oily grease question.
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