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Right - getting close to starting the beast up and this
Is the base map I’ve been given and wondered what everyone’s opinion is

phase 2 cam
8.3 CR
And fresh build so will need running in and the cam knocking in too

3 bar map sensor if that makes a difference haha!


jonny f

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Not sure on Nodiz but looks like a lot of advance for a base map.

There’s some MegaJolt base maps etc on here. Have a look around.


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Preston On The Brook

Firstly, how annoying is that having the load scale top to bottom *Confused* Ergonomics would suggest it should go from bottom to top, IE Load increases, manifold pressure rises, throttle position increases.

Anyway, the base map looks a bit hot from 100KPA upwards (or is that downwards *tongue* )

with your low CR, At around 200kpa, i'd want to see no more than ~24 degrees depending on how efficient your intercooler is.

at 100kpa it does still look a little hot. maybe 34 degrees or so there

Start safe, have it dyno'd and use det cans to listen to the engine for knock. Find either MBT or knock limit and then retard 5 degrees giving a good safe margin. Can only really be done on the dyno.

On 26th Oct, 2004 TurboDave16v said:
Is it A-Series only? I think it should be...
So when some joey comes on here about how his 16v turbo vauxhall is great compared to ours, he can be given the 'bird'...

On 26th Oct, 2004 Tom Fenton said:
Yep I agree with TD........


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Doncaster, South Yorkshire

nodiz is wank

you welcome to my opinion

My B18VtecTurbo Awd Mini 2 years in, been running for 2years +.... vtec just kicked in yo
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On 14th Feb, 2014 robert said:
I think he thought his car was 465kg ,and you then guessed it at 565kg , and stuff me !! you were right


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Lol why’s that & any opinion on the map?

And thanks sprocket, not having much of a clue is it a case of changing everything above those margins and following the same increments across the Rev range at each level?
Not looking to spank it pre dyno
(Already booked in)
Just want a safe map to start it and bed everything in before heading over

(Probably keep it under 3.5k?)

Home > Help Needed / General Tech Chat > Nodiz / Megajolt map questions & opinions
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