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It has been almost three years since I did anything significant to my BMW Twin Cam conversation due to having children, changing jobs and having an extension on the house. Luckily i have a garage which is dry and warm and has been covered over, on top of this the engine has been turned periodically.

Anyway, I need to get back on to getting this finished otherwise it will sit there for ever and a day and never get done, so I need a little help in locating some parts such as an oil drain that will sit where the mechanical fuel pump used to be, a water pipe adapter that sits on the front of the head, preferably with a thermostat in. I also need an adapter for the oil feed to the head, this also needs to incorporate the oil pressure gauge. (on thinking about this I could just get rid of the old pressure switch that sits on the top and use that fitting).

I now hope I can get motivated to make a start as I have many things left to do....

I also look forward to reading the posts on here again


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If you have money, SC does all the parts you described...
but Iím sure you knew that.
Alternatively, start fabricating stuff. The K1200 coolant elbow is 90-deg curved which may give another option over the almost-straight K1100 version.
There has been a post in the past few months about motorbike inline thermostat housings you may want to search for.

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I drilled and tapped the banjo bolt on the pipe from pump to filter for the cam oil feed. this leaves the usual place for pressure switch for oil light - or oil pressure gauge - or both if you have an adapter

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No idea about any Twink stuff but good to see you back dude

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