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Turbo Phil

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My sister is so fit I won't show anyone her picture

Lake District

There's sure been some top threads & banter on here over the years.




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Post Whore

Northern Ireland (ex AUS)

And Gaydar! He's the best TM celebrity.

On 7th Nov, 2008 Nic said:
!!!!!!sdrawkcab si gnihtyreve ?droabyekym ot deneppah sah tahw ayhwdd


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Post Whore


I absolutely love this Forum, the collective intelligence is absolutely outstanding and the banter never fails to cheer me up even though Iím usually on the sidelines!


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Post Whore

Preston On The Brook

Much fun had over on

bud666 *wink*

Edited by Tom Fenton on 16th Jul, 2018.

On 26th Oct, 2004 TurboDave16v said:
Is it A-Series only? I think it should be...
So when some joey comes on here about how his 16v turbo vauxhall is great compared to ours, he can be given the 'bird'...

On 26th Oct, 2004 Tom Fenton said:
Yep I agree with TD........

Tom Fenton
Site Admin

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Fearless Tom Fenton, Avon Park 2007 & 2008 class D winner


TM legend.

Rotherham South Yorkshire

Links removed, its been a long standing thing that we don't allow links from other mini forums to take the piss out of them, to avoid conflict.

On 29th Nov, 2016 madmk1 said:

On 28th Nov, 2016 Rob Gavin said:
I refuse to pay for anything else

Like fuel 😂😂

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