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Newcastle under lyme staffs

What’s this worth please


Turbo Phil

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Lake District

Impossible to say from that poor description and picture. It could be a complete pile of scrap. Anything like that needs a good look over before parting with any cash.




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Suffolk / Birmingham

For a servicible 1275 engine (needing full rebuild) I wouldn't pay more than 300quid. So called tuning parts ('ported heads' or 'lightened cranks' often have little real value, a lot of stuff like that is junk! You need to know what you're looking at and be able to measure inspect and quantify exactly what you have to know if special parts are actually worth paying for..

I'm not an expert on the turbo bits but again bare in mind in reality you won't use that much of the original metro stuff In a well sorted build so avoid paying 100s for bits unless you really need them.

Real value and what stuff appears to sell for on eBay etc. isn't always the same thing.

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