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Hi all,

Not sure how to title this one. Essentially what has happened is I've got my rebuilt engine with GT17 started for the first time. Its an MPi engine with a feed taken from the front of the block round the back of the engine to the turbo. On a test crank for pressure, I had plenty of oil coming out of the feed, so not concerned about starvation. However I managed to get the engine started the other day but after I noticed the spindle in the turbo was slightly resistant. Before I fit the turbo it span freely and I know the car the turbo came from and it ran perfectly then. Does the GT17 need an oil restrictor at all? Is this normal? I haven't been able to look at the turbo whilst the engine is running as I'm having to hold the throttle to keep it at 2k rpm to a) stop stalling and b) knock the cam in.


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You shouldn’t need a restrictor unless yourpressure is crazy high.

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Restrictors only required on a roller bearing turbo.

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Home > Help Needed / General Tech Chat > Odd turbo spindle
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