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Wanted atb diff in very good condition
Money ready and waiting for a good one


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North Wales

So save a bit more and ring SWIFTUNE :)

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Nothing wrong with asking! I’d do the same before dropping a lump of cash on the table.

On 17th Nov, 2014 Tom Fenton said:
Sorry to say My Herpes are no better

Who remembers this first time around:

Tom Fenton
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Lol. This reminds me of the time some David Dickinson looking bloke came up to Carl at the Autosport show trying to sell finance packages for customers to buy wheels. Carl said he wasn’t interested. Guy says, “Well what do you say to customers who want your wheels but can not afford them?”
Carl says, “I tell them to save up” 😂

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On 29th Nov, 2016 madmk1 said:

On 28th Nov, 2016 Rob Gavin said:
I refuse to pay for anything else

Like fuel 😂😂


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Got one now fully factory reconditioned
Paid £400 think I got it at a fair price?


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On 15th Sep, 2018 Paulxx said:
Got one now fully factory reconditioned
Paid £400 think I got it at a fair price?

if its as new, absolutely,
i was looking for a second hand atb for some time, maybe 6 months before it started holding the build up

My B18VtecTurbo Awd Mini 2 years in, been running for 2years +.... vtec just kicked in yo
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On 14th Feb, 2014 robert said:
I think he thought his car was 465kg ,and you then guessed it at 565kg , and stuff me !! you were right

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