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wayne miller

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Twin Cam Turbo Build In Progress Rothwell, Northants

Hi Aal, just had my valve seats done and I basically need to replace all of my cam followers. Instead of replacing them Iím thinking about getting the valve tips ground down by about 0.25mm The amount varies per valve bu roughly that amount. Does anyone know of anyone in the Northants area that has or can do this?


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Glasgow, Scotland

This is just my thoughts so take it as you wish, but I have done this in the past when setting up solid lifter heads I just used a well dressed grinding wheel and knock the head off the stem till its correct. only tools required is something to measure valve legnth fairly accurately, a bench grinder, and if your particularly fussy a wee jig to hold the valve perpendicular to the side of the wheel (I use the side of the wheel rather than the face for this job) .. im not saying its the way to do it, but its how I do it and it seems to work.

turbo 16v k-series 11.9@118.9 :)

Denis O'Brien.


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Might be worth having a word with Specialist Components, or Brett Sims Motorsport to see if you could send them to them for grinding to length. It wouldn't be a large parcel.

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On 7th Oct, 2010 5haneJ said:
yeah I gave it all a good prodding

Home > Help Needed / General Tech Chat > Valve tip grinding Northants area
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