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Gavin Wakely

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Milton Keynes

Any boffins out there, who know when the MK1 & Mk11 pickups were produced.
After trawling google, all I can find is listed below. I'm looking for the specific yrs each MK was produced, and was there mk1 / mk11 / mk111 / ?

Austin Seven/Mini Pick Up (850) - 1961-69
Austin Mini Pick Up (1000) - 1967-69
Morris Mini Pick Up (850) - 1961-69
Morris Mini Pick Up (1000) - 1967-69
Mini Pick Up (850 and 1000) - 1969-74
Mini Pick Up (850 and 1000) - 1974-79
Mini 95 Pick Up (850) - 1979-80
Mini 95 Pick Up (1000) - 1979-83

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Rob Gavin

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was there such a thing as a mk1, 2 or 3?


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I had a 69 pickup, it had magic wand gears, toggle switch dash and mk1 type indicator with green telltale on the end. It might have had a floor start as well, cant remember.

Joe C

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Carlos Fandango

Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex

im not an expert on these, probably the mk1 forum would be the place to ask, but i'm pretty sure despite having the extarnal hinges right up till 83 toher bits were updated, such as the floor pressings (to match the gearchange and rubber mounted subframe) and also the bulkhead moved to the mk3 style with the later bonnet hinge spacing.

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Joe, do you have a photo of your tool?

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