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On 12th Mar, 2019 Anthony30 said:

Still doing the 'sale' con at shows now. I was keeping an eye on certain parts at Mini Fair, Bingley Hall. The online price was slightly cheaper than the 'sale' price.

On 4th Oct, 2014 Brett said:

On 4th Oct, 2014 D4VE said:
I have only ever brought off there stalls at shows

dont know if they still do it but once upon a time ( not a fairy tail this one though) there show price was higher than there internet price, cant remember if it was my dad or another member on here who pointed it out one year at bingly hall


i am not surprised, from then to this day i have still not bought from them

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On 14th Feb, 2014 robert said:
I think he thought his car was 465kg ,and you then guessed it at 565kg , and stuff me !! you were right

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