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Lowestoft, Suffolk.

I was underneath the car yesterday fettling with the fit of my down pipe to centre section when I noticed how out of line the rods of my gear selector are in relation to the selector on the gearbox.
Although the gear lever casing is central in the aperture in the tunnel the rod is angled toward the selector not inline, also the rod runs downward to the gearbox.

I thought this misalignment could cause wear in both the selector linkage and the selector spool on the box so I removed the rod change assembly to check/inspect and found significant wear on the rods and guide bushes (granted the car is 30 years old).

I had some phosphor bronze in the draw so turned some new bushed and pressed them in, swapping the worn selector rod for a good condition one.

When I turboíd the car many years ago I remember having to tweak the sector position in the tunnel slightly to give clearance for the exhaust so I replaced the mounting bracket with the original.
Reassembled and back on the car it is apparent there is a great deal of side load on the selector rod both at the selector and onto the gearbox.

The misalignment of the rod running downward to the box can be reduced by some longer Cotton reel bushes, but I cant see a way of relieving the poor alignment sideways other than fitting a UJ to the rod connection to the selector on the box.

Looking in the Haynes joke book there is an image of the underside of the car and it looks like the selector is poorly aligned from factory, this is something Iíve never really paid much attention to until now, Iím just curious if everybodyís car is as bad as mine?


Home > Help Needed / General Tech Chat > Rod change selector alignment
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