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Evening chaps.

I am putting together a turbo kit. I have just got a gt1752s China turbo. It doesnít have provisions for banjo fittings for oil and water. It has 2 flanges. 1 upper on with a single hole. And another bottom one with 1 large hole and. 2 smaller ones on each side.. Iím going to take a stab in the dark that the single port on top is for oil feed. And the large port on the bottom is a oil drain. And the 2 small ones each side on the bottom are for coolant in and out. Could anyone confirm or deny this for me please?.

Making flanges with pipes etc is no problem ...

Thanks in adevance ☺️


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Donít stress guys. I have found this photo. Kinda tells a story. Iím just going to copy it and plumb the small outer hoses for coolant.


Joe C

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not seen one like that before!

bake sure the turbo's orientated with the oil drain facing down (+/- about 30 degrees)

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On 28th Aug, 2011 Kean said:
At the risk of being sigged...

Joe, do you have a photo of your tool?


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that's too weird never seen a fitting like that before.

turbo 16v k-series 11.9@118.9 :)

Denis O'Brien.


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I reckon that is just a photo for illustration purposes rather than the actual item.

In the 13's at last!.. Just

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