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Hi guys

I have built a 998 with a gt17. I heard great stories about them being awesome turbos but I missed the part where they were ideally suited for 1275s.

Either way itís done now. I have ordered a gt15 regardless.

My thing is should I just pull the engine and fit it or persist with the gt17?.

I havenít tuned it properly yet. So itís a bit blah.

Itís not a daily driver.
Itís a built and balanced bottom end
I have a good head with big valves
Compression is fairly low.
Iím running a re13t cam
Iím using megasquirt for ignition

Has anyone had a success story ?.


Joe C

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Carlos Fandango

Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex

yeah, a 17 is pretty big for a 998, Will and ben Hamer ran one on their car to good effect, but that was a hill climb racer. I would definatly swap to the GT 15

On 28th Aug, 2011 Kean said:
At the risk of being sigged...

Joe, do you have a photo of your tool?


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Betwix Harrogate and York

For a daily drive the GT15 is the better choice.

I also use a GT17 on a 750 bike engine, but that doesn't make full boost till over 6500rpm.

Depends what you want, the 17 will make loads of power

Fastest 998 mini in the world? 13.05 1/4 mile 106mph

On 2nd Jan, 2013 fastcarl said:

the design shows a distinct lack of imagination,
talk about starting off with a clean sheet of paper, then not bothering to fucking draw on it,lol

On 20th Apr, 2012 Paul S said:
I'm mainly concerned about swirl in the runners caused by the tangential entry.

Home > Beginners Tech > GT 17 on a 998
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