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On 3rd Jul, 2019 metroturbo said:
Surprisingly, metric tyres were used on more vehicles than you might first think, but possibly not in the volumes that Austin used them.

Well I never knew that....

But as the article says - "the betamax of the tyre industry".

And we don't even have VHS anymore and DVD is on its way out in favour of Bluray or 4K or just streaming from the internet...

And back on topic, an awful lot of "bolts" on modern cars are torx (internal or external), not hexagon, so forget imperial vs. metric because you need two completely new "socket" sets in your toolbox.....

I had to buy both a few years ago just to change the rear wheel bearings on my old mondeo because it used torx bolts and the original ones were internal torx and the new bolts were external and they had to be very small 3/8" drive to fit through the hole in the drive flange.

And I just said 3/8" again....

Schrödinger's cat - so which one am I ???

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