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So I have it running now and took the first spin around the block. I am now running the above map but backed off a few degree to be extra save.

i noticed that the idle at 20 degree is quite rough, it seems to get better if i go about 24. Although i also think my vacuum is pretty bad...running at 350-400mbar in idle - but its the only way to keep it at 1000rpm.
The AFR is at 12-13 at idle at the moment. Am i going in the wrong way? should i try to get more vacuum by closing the idle screw? but i think i am already really far advanced with the ignition and retarding it will drop the rpm even more.

Not sure if its fine to let it idle at 24 degree (28 when cold) and 350mbar vacuum or should i try to get more vacuum? where should i go with the advance and the afr then?

Edit: Btw i did check the timing - the ecu sayed 18 degree final advance and when i set the timing light to 0 degree i am at about18degree on the pulley wheel. since the 0 marking is the most accurate and i only checkt this one whe building the engine i set the timing light to 36 degree (wasted spark) and it was spot on zero. so i guess its correct

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