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Hi guys, how do I work out what boost can be run and a given CR. I know how to calculate the compression ratio but how do I know how much boost that can handle. Obviously higher octane fuel, intercooler and the internals all make a difference to but just as a guide how do I know what I can use


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So many factors. Type of fueling, type of igniton, fuel used, cooling, turbo, planned boost..

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There are a lot of variables.

Personally, I have been using 20 psi on 8.6:1 without any real issue. Iíve now dropped to 8.2:1 as I plan on running a bit more.

Iíd say that if you have good quality pistons, go lower. Even if you are only planning to run conservative power now, thatíll change very quickly. Choosing a lower CR will future proof it.

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Home > Beginners Tech > Boost and CR
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